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Category : Astro(kundali)

1. Rashi: Mesha / Aries - ram. Mars, fire, movable, Rajas, Pitta, male. B: Head (skull and forehead) and brain. D: Impetuous, rather short-winded energy, quickly resolved, initiating, offensive, inciting and compelling. Mentally clear, quick-witted and visionary, strong-willed, but also impatient, irritable and impulsive.

2. Rashi: Vrishabha / Taurus - bull. Venus, earth, fixed, Rajas, Vata, female. B: Face and its organs. D: Somewhat slow or ponderous energy. Aesthetic sense. Biding one’s time, cautious, prudent, guarding, adaptable and gentle, but also forceful, persevering and decisive to obstinate, resentful.

3. Rashi: Mithuna / Gemini - youth with club and maiden with stringed instrument: Mercury, air, dual, Tamas, Tri-Dosha, male. B: Ears, neck, shoulders, bronchial tubes, arms, hands. D: Masculine energy that can defend itself as well as artistic and refined qualities. Communication and analysis. Much movement, change and initiative. Spontaneous, adaptable, helpful.

4. Rashi: Karka / Cancer - crab. Moon, water, movable, Sattva, Kapha, female. B: Rib cage, heart, lungs, breasts. D: Lives deep within feelings, withdrawn to sealed-off, but open towards close and trusted persons. Highly emotional, capable of receptivity and adaptability, gentle, considerate. Changeable to inconstant; self-assured.

5. Rashi: Simha / Leo - lion. Sun, fire, fixed, Sattva, Pitta, male. B: Upper belly, stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen. D: Aware of authority, dominant, demanding. Mentally clear, quick-witted and visionary, but also impatient, irritable and impulsive. Steadfast, decisive and persevering, but also stubborn. Initiative and strong will.

6. Rashi: Kanya / Virgo - maiden with light in the one hand, ears of corn in the other. Mercury, earth, dual, Tamas, Vata, female. B: Hip, belly button, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, appendix, kidneys. D: Open to knowledge and health concerns. Communicative, analytical, versatile. Prudent, cautious, protective, biding one’s time, distant, practical, but also resentful and indecisive.

7. Rashi: Tula / Libra - man with scales. Venus, air, movable, Rajas, Tri-Dosha, male. B: Bladder, lower part of large intestine, inner sexual organs such as ovaries, uterus, testicles and prostate gland. D: Considering different aspects of standpoint and judgment, harmonizing, independent, offensive. Charm, aesthetic sense, fertile and creative. Mentally and physically nimble. Spontaneous, adaptable, helpful but also inconstant, changeable and indecisive.

8. Rashi: Vrishchika / Scorpion - scorpion. Mars, water, fixed, Rajas, Kapha, female. B: Outer sexual organs. D: Very sensitive, ready to defend oneself. Self-restrained, biding one’s time; energetic, dynamic, decisive. Rich in feelings, receptive, empathetic. Steadfast, persevering, concentrated, decisive to stubborn, delighting in criticism.

9. Rashi: Dhanu / Sagittarius, -horse’s body with human upper body and head. Jupiter, fire, dual, Sattva, Pitta, male. B: Thigh. D: Goal-oriented, dynamic activity and decisiveness. Cheerful, eager to learn, good judgment. Mentally clear, quick-witted, visionary, strong-willed, but also impatient, easily irritated and impulsive. Analytical, versatile, distanced and indecisive.

10. Rashi: Makara / Capricorn - sea monster or crocodile with head of deer or antelope. Saturn, earth, movable, Tamas, Vata, female. B: Knee. D: Equal to all of life’s tasks. Combines diligence and commitment with flexibility and adaptability. Level-headed, can impose limits on oneself. Prudent, cautious, dependable, protective, faithful, persevering. Stable system of values, rigid, resentful.

11. Rashi: Kumbha / Aquarius - man with jug of water. Saturn, air, fixed, Tamas, Tri-Dosha, male. B: Shank, ankle. D: Life-affirming willingness to serve. Helpfulness and initiative. Hard, persevering, and concentrated work. Level-headed, can impose limits on oneself. Mentally and physically nimble. Decisive to stubborn or rigid.

12. Rashi: Meena / Pisces, two fishes swimming in opposite directions, Jupiter, water, dual, Sattva, Kapha, female. B: Feet. D: Balanced emotions, impartial but also biding one’s time and indecisive. Great absorption of knowledge. Cheerfulness and good judgment. Rich emotional life, gentle, empathetic and caring. Versatile, analytical, distant; very adaptable.
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