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Vaastu Tips
SOME USEFUL TIPS BASED ON VASTU - 1.Allow a bright light on the main door. 2.It is best to leave only maximum 5 door open. 3.Avoid keeping a T.V. set in bed-room. 4.Avoid keeping any water feature or plants in the bed room. 5.Do not use seperate mattresses and bed-sheet. 6.Arrange the furniture to from a square or a circle or an octagon in. 7.Brighten the corners. 8.Place a picture of bright sunrise on southern wall in living room. 9.The wind should come from south-west in the bed room. 10.Dining-room should not expose to the front door of your house. 11.Never put mirror in kitchen. 12.Keep the broom and mops out of the sight in kitchen. 13.Keep the bathroom and toilet door closed as much as possible. 14.Windows should open outward normally. 15.Do not keep prickly cactus, plants in the house.
Price : 5100.00 Rs
We offer Vastu as well as Astrology Consultancy. We provide vastu services on all field of vastu , whether it is residential or commercial property. We offer our service for the houses, flats, offices, shops, factory or on any other desired construction. Online Services available by NORATAN BAFNA- Online Astrologer & Vastu Expert
Price : 2100.00 Rs