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White Corol MOONGA
White corol moonPrecious gemstone Red Coral recommended by astrologer to remove the ill effects of Planet Mars. It is one of best remedy to overcome obstacles in life due to planet Mars or Chandra. It is also known as Moonga.
Price : 2100.00 Rs
Gomed Garnet
Gomed (Hessonite गार्नेट)Precious gemstone Hessonite Garnet associated to planet Dragon's Head, Hessonite Garnet is a precious stone and recommended to remove the ill effects of Planet Dragon's Head(rahu)
Price : 1100.00 Rs
It is stone for venus (sukra),rashi lord Taurus(varshav) & libra(tulla),diamont support for love,atteraction,high personlity,.rate of diamond very high depend on quality,size.sub stone
Price : 1100.00 Rs
It is stone for ketu graha. stone support for suddenly income as share market, lootary, satta. available certified gem report. rate- 5 ct.1100/= to--onward
Price : 1100.00 Rs
You are finding this actual photograph of this Natural Emerald Verified lab tested certification Gemstone 5 ct.. Its Hindi Name is Panna. This is Budh Graha Ratna or Gemstone of Mercury for Gemini or Virgo or via Hindi Name Mithun or Kanya Rashi Sign.rate 5ct.3100/= &above on quality.
Price : 3100.00 Rs
It is for moon graha.moti rashi is karka( cancer)available is south ship moti 5ct.rate-3100/==ct.& cultural moti is 5ct.500/=
Price : 3100.00 Rs
PUKHRAJ (Yellow Sapphire)
Its Hindi Name is Pukharaj. This is Guru Brihaspti Ratna or Gemstone for Jupiter or Sagittarius or Pisces or Dhanu and Meen Rashi Sign.pukhraj is mostly support for increase of business. This is original details of Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone which is you are going to purchase with lab tested certification.real pukhraj rate -5 CT.10,000/-& above quality.& Sunehalaa (sub.gems)5 ct.1100/=only
Price : 10000.00 Rs
NEELAM(Blue Sapphire)
Its Hindi Name is Neelam. This is Shani Ratna or Gemstone for Saturn or Capricorn or Aquarius or Makar Kumbha Rashi Sign. This is original details of Natural Blue Sapphire which is you are going to purchase with lab tested certification.rate- 5 ct.5000/= & more...nilli(sub stone)5ct.1100/=
Price : 5000.00 Rs
Its Hindi Name is Manik or Manak. This is Surya Ratna or Gemstone for Leo or Sun or Singh Rashi Sign. This is original details of Ruby which is you are going to purchase with lab tested certification.rate-5ct.3000/= to..more quality
Price : 3100.00 Rs
MOONGA(red Coral)
Its Hindi Name is Moonga or Munga. This is Mangal Ratna or Gemstone for Mars or Aries or Scorpio or Mesh and Vrishchik Rashi Sign.purchase with lab tested certification rate italian5 CT.2100/= & japanies 5 CT.3100/=
Price : 3100.00 Rs
Navgraha Gems
navgrah ring,locket ,semi & precius gems stone, rashi ratan,bracelate,rashi tri shakti kavach,available with certified gem testing NORATAN BAFNA (Astrologer& vaastu advisor)mob-919214516127
Price : 1100.00 Rs